Our proactive and reactive Alarm Response, Keyholding, and Security Patrol Services gives you comprehensive cover for both your premises and employees out of hour.

On arriving at the premises, our fully trained Response Officers will already be equipped with detailed assignment instructions, and will be aware of any health and safety risks, and will know what actions you wish us to take in response to any particular situation.
Keyholders are contacted only in the case of outright emergencies and even minimal site damage can be dealt with quickly and efficiently with pre-agreed arrangements.
An empty property is a vulnerable property. We can carry out spot checks and out-of-hours patrols to ensure the site is safe with no signs of intrusion.
We can even unlock your premises prior to staff commencing work and /or carry out an internal patrol and lock down once they have left for the day.
We can also provide a lone worker escort service for vulnerable employees on site outside normal office hours. Keyholding is managed in line with BS7984 regulations.