As we, as a community, deal with COVID-19 and the resulting impacts, Certified Solutions would like to express gratitude to our customers. Many of the folks we serve are in the business of keeping the UK running. They treat patients, deliver emergency response, keep the lights on, and keep commerce flowing. For the teams who work in healthcare, a heartfelt Thank You for all you are doing and what you will do going forward as we beat this virus together.

Certified Solutions is committed to continuing to protect and defend organizations, whether it be with managed Detection and response or any of our professional services. Certified Solutions has extensive business continuity plans, which we began executing since early on in the pandemic to ensure our customers would not experience service disruption. Specifically, we have taken measures to ensure our Security Analysts can provide 24x7 coverage from isolated, secure environments. While you battle the pandemic, we've got your back.

To all who read this: Please don’t let your cybersecurity guard down. We've seen an uptick in criminals trying to prey on the current anxiety and disruptions.

The picture is showing the Certified Solutions director, Gladmore Chinyuke, meeting with HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, when she visited a vaccine centre recently. Remember, we must all get vaccinated in order to beat this Covid virus.

Stay safe,

Gladmore Chinyuke, Director, Certified Solutions.

Certified Solutions is proud to announce that the Director, Gladmore Chinyuke, met with HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, when she visited a vaccine centre recently. Gladmore was very proud to be part of the team welcoming the Duchess to the vaccine centre. Remember, we must all get vaccinated in order to beat this Covid virus.

The United Kingdom is one of the world leaders at vaccine deployment. Which is why the Duchess wanted to visit and meet the hardworking people on the front line against this Corona Virus.

A record number of daily coronavirus cases have been reported across the UK for the second day running, with 88,376 infections confirmed on Thursday.

England's chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty, said the Omicron variant could rise "incredibly fast", but its peak subside quickly due to boosters.

There was also a record for top-up vaccines with 745,183 third or booster doses being given on Wednesday.

Boris Johnson has urged people to use "caution" in the face of the variant.

More than 1.8 million attacks, against half of all corporate networks, have already launched to exploit Log4Shell.

Call it a “logjam” of threats: Attackers including nation-state actors have already targeted half of all corporate global networks in security companies’ telemetry using at least 70 distinct malware families — and the fallout from the Log4j vulnerability is just beginning.

Researchers manning keyboards all over the world have spent the past several days chasing attacks aimed at a now-infamous Log4j Java library bug, dubbed Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228). Side note: Log4j is pronounced, “log forge” — although that’s disputed, because it’s also referred to in conversation as “log-four-jay.” Dealer’s choice there.

First discovered among Minecraft players last week, the newly discovered vulnerability has opened a massive opportunity for threat actors to hijack servers, mostly with coin miners and botnets, but also a cornucopia of other malware such as the StealthLoader trojan — and that’s just so far.

The· Duchess of Cornwall When she visited the Wembley Vaccination Center, she met with volunteers supporting Jab Drive today.

Camilla, 73, appeared well when she spoke to the Steward Volunteer Responder. NHS, Liyann ​​Ooi, James Leggett, Louise Jacobs.

It was recently confirmed by Clarence House that Charles, 72, and Camilla had their first. COVID-19 vaccination.

Camilla’s visit comes a few days after the pair went Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, A test of the coronavirus vaccine, despite news that Charles’ father, Prince Philip, 99, is at King Edward VII’s Hospital in Marylebone, London, as a “precautionary measure.”

The Duchess of Cornwall, 73, met with the NHS Steward Volunteer Responder at the Wembley Vaccination Centre.

The Duchess of Cornwall wore a hibis jacket over a black coat and white blouse, and took complete safety measures with social distance and a disposable face cover.

She styled her hair with its characteristic waves to perfect her appearance and appeared to have a very delicate make-up.

Hundreds of people living up to 45 minutes by car from Wembley’s Immunization Center were invited to make a reservation.

Camilla reveals that Boris Johnson is “thankful” for being vaccinated, as he has promised to provide the first vaccination to all adults in the UK by July 31st.