As we, as a community, deal with COVID-19 and the resulting impacts, Certified Solutions would like to express gratitude to our customers. Many of the folks we serve are in the business of keeping the UK running. They treat patients, deliver emergency response, keep the lights on, and keep commerce flowing. For the teams who work in healthcare, a heartfelt Thank You for all you are doing and what you will do going forward as we beat this virus together.

Certified Solutions is committed to continuing to protect and defend organizations, whether it be with managed Detection and response or any of our professional services. Certified Solutions has extensive business continuity plans, which we began executing since early on in the pandemic to ensure our customers would not experience service disruption. Specifically, we have taken measures to ensure our Security Analysts can provide 24x7 coverage from isolated, secure environments. While you battle the pandemic, we've got your back.

To all who read this: Please don’t let your cybersecurity guard down. We've seen an uptick in criminals trying to prey on the current anxiety and disruptions.

The picture is showing the Certified Solutions director, Gladmore Chinyuke, meeting with HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, when she visited a vaccine centre recently. Remember, we must all get vaccinated in order to beat this Covid virus.

Stay safe,

Gladmore Chinyuke, Director, Certified Solutions.